Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Blog!

It has been an embarrassingly long time since we decided to start writing a blog together and since the day has finally arrived, we’ll quickly introduce ourselves.  We’re students in London, from slightly (well, vastly) different parts of the world who have decided that our interests are similar (but wide-ranging) enough to share this space with each other, and with you. This space will be ours to write about what we enjoy most: fashion, experimenting with new recipes, traveling to places we’ve never been (or revisiting places we absolutely love), eating out, going to shows, exhibitions…generally fun, cultural (sometimes intellectually stimulating) activities.

Our first real blog post is on its way with lots of beautiful pictures but a bit of patience might be necessary. It does take an incredible amount of communication when one of us is in Spain and the other in India! (Hopefully this issue will be eliminated come September). For the time being, we’re leaving you with a taste of what the first post will be like…

We may not have interested you enough yet to keep reading, but like we mentioned earlier – patience! Please feel free to make any suggestions for the future and give us any opinions you have and want to share!

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