Friday, 16 August 2013

Saint Jean de Luz: Love for candy

Firstly, I want to say I'm sorry for not posting over such a long time. I've been away on a trip, but I'm back now and ready to tell you one of the details I missed out - on purpose - about Saint Jean de Luz in my previous post.

We should probably begin by saying that I absolutely love sweet foods and, although Rony's more of a fan of savoury, we do have a common soft spot: candy. So when we happened to come across this jewel of a candy shop, as we prepared to journey back to Barcelona, we both thought the same thing: we need some sugar for the trip.

Yes, the shop was decorated like it was a pirate boat.

They had all sorts of sweets: soft, hard, with nuts, gluten free...

It was a pretty adorable and ridiculous way to sell the candy, I loved it. And it's no Haribo - it most certainly stands out from all the basic candy stores around. 

We were sufficiently greedy, I think, and took one or two from most barrels before we made our way to our gelato and tarte aux framboises (Mentioned those in my previous post).

So, to be honest, we did not quite have our daily dose of sugar that afternoon: we had a sugar overdose. 

I'm going to stop now because looking at these pictures again is making my mouth melt.

Hopefully more posts will come soon.

Regina xxx.

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