Friday, 13 September 2013

Vogue Fashion's Night Out

The end of the summer is never a good thing, although I must admit I'm quite excited to go back to London this time. For those who haven't had a long holiday like me, going back to a daily routine can be a challenge. And that is where Vogue Fashion's Night Out comes into play. It's more of a show than anything else. Almost every brand opens their stores in Madrid and people - mainly the female variety - come out to enjoy the night. There's music, free drinks, sometimes even presents and loaaaads of people, people everywhere!

Pictures weren't allowed in most stores so I discretely took some with my phone and, as you'll see, they are very poor quality. Excuse me for that!

This was at Maje. They have remodelled the whole store and it now looks a lot bigger, brighter and more modern. I loved the design but I liked even more the collection. There was a lot of black, which I love, and some touches of red, white, beige, navy, grey & bordeaux.

I particularly like their little black dresses and their coats & sweaters. They have an online store, where you can see all the automn-winter collection. You'll see it's not cheap but they have very good sales in January and July so if you feel like getting something but are reluctant due to the price just wait a few months & you'll find it cheaper.

We also visited Isabel Marant, Robert Clergerie, Bash, Etro, Bottega Veneta, Uterqüe, Prada, Loewe, Artistocrazy and I'll stop listing here because otherwise I'd finish tomorrow.

I was happy to see that Michael Kors had opened a new store in Serrano, one of the main shopping streets in the city. They had their classic handbags, as well as other new ones and very nice clothes, too.

I usually like their handbags and this time wasn't the exception. Their leather is soft and their design is 
very feminine. I particularly liked this clutch, this satchel and this tote.

These boots which my very good friend Julieta described as being 'very Regina' are from Uterqüe. You'll find them here in navy blue.

As you can see, the streets were full. After having walked for hours, Julieta & I decided to relax. We visited Escada, where we sat, had a couple of drinks & chatted for a while. 

We then joined my other friend Ruth, with whom I really enjoy talking. Every time we see each other we try to fully catch up but no matter how long we spend together there's always something we missed talking about. I will miss her this year in London but thankfully Juli will be joining me there very soon!

More posts soon.

Regina xxx.

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