Sunday, 29 September 2013

The First Supper

So we're finally back in London town (for almost a week now) but been so busy it has been nothing but stress after stress. Settling into a new apartment is hard work. There's things to be cleaned - from the floors to the wardrobe your landlady hasn't quite cleared out, new places to be explored (i.e. where's the nearest Sainsbury's???) old stuff to be unpacked - it's an all round mess. So this whole process has taken us about six days and we're still not quite done.

We did sort ourselves out in time to throw together a last-minute, first-ever, (slightly half-hearted) 'dinner party' in the apartment. It was quite a small one to be honest but pretty fantastic nevertheless. Regina's friend Julieta came over and so did Ahaana, Riana's sister-in-law (jks guys, but almost). We planned to divide up the work so Riana did the salad, Julieta the main and Regina did dessert. Ahaana we left out of it because we don't believe she can cook.

Riana made a great Greek salad, with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, lettuce and assorted mixed baby leaves. But the best part of it (apaz) was the dressing, which was unbelievably simple, made with lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper and sugar.

As usual, we must apologise for the picture quality, but we took them in a bit of a hurry.

Julieta made us spaghetti with a very nice home-made tomato sauce. Our new kitchen has this delightful fire-alarm that goes off even when you're making toast, but Julieta heroically managed to boil her pasta through all of the beeping so we're very proud of her for that.

And then came dessert, by Regina. She made the lemon drizzle cake she posted about a few weeks ago but in a different mould this time.

We chilled for a bit, before getting ready to leave for drinks. We decided to go to Angel and explore the area, because we've heard nice things about it.

Julieta & Ahaana (and us) at a bar after dinner.

It was a beautiful evening, with the perfect elements - good food and good company. We'll hopefully have many more to come!

Riana and Regina xxx

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