Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Escaping to the summer

I've been a little lazy about blogging lately but when I looked back at the pictures of my December holidays I thought I should post a few pictures here and show you what Punta del Este looks like. 

It was the first time I went... Rony had always been telling me about it: how beautiful everything was, how good the food tasted and how much fun he always had. So his family invited me to go with them for two weeks and I must say the place is a real winner!

And the best part is... it was hot!!! So I got to leave rainy London and get a taste of the summer. As usual I didn't get much of a tan... I wonder how that's possible coming from where I come and having the parents I have. Anyway, that's a different story.

Take a look at the sea, the blue sky... Summer beauties.

Punta del Este has a nice port where you can see manatees

One of the beauties of this place are the sunsets. I didn't manage to take any amazing pictures of them but believe me when I say they're amazing.

I didn't take many pictures. In fact, most of these were taken by Rony and I couldn't find any pictures of his family, but maybe that just means we had too much fun for photos...

Punta del Este is certainly a place I'd recommend and I'm very very thankful to Rony's family for inviting me and showing me around. Beautiful holidays with beautiful people. 

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