About Us

Who are we?

We are two friends with common interests and currently based in London. Riana comes from Bangalore and Regina, from Madrid. We obviously come from very different backgrounds and we've created this blog together because we believe that our cultural differences can give the blog a very original and interesting touch.

What will we blog about?

This is mainly a lifestyle blog. For now our idea is to tell you about what we do together and separately. While in London, we will have lots more common posts but for now and while we're on holidays, they will be mostly separate. We'll be blogging about our trips, food, fashion and other (cultural and non-cultural) activities.

How did we come up with the idea of blogging?

We'd both had the idea for a long time before we decided to make it a common project. We were pretty lazy about it, though, for a few months but making it a 'double blog' encouraged us considerably so before going to Turkey this summer we decided that Bodrum would be our first post and, finally, in July, Madrid ft. Bangalore was born. We both believe that it is an interesting innitiative: we like writing, we have very similar tastes and interests and this is the opportunity for people to meet us.

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