Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Brunch @ The Breakfast Club

I went to Julieta's last night for dinner and drinks... Diets, weight and all that was THE subject of the evening. To start off a healthy diet we decided we'd go for brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, which we both love. You know, it's tasty & healthy all at the same time. And we really were going to go but when we found out that the nearest one was pretty far away from her's, we decided to change our plans and go to The Breakfast Club.

For those who know the place, healthy is really not their thing. They have fruit salad and yoghurt with granola on their menu but who would order that with all the other yum stuff they offer?

We got there around 12, typical brunch hour. We hadn't thought of one little detail: EVERYONE who's in Shoreditch at that time wants to have brunch at The Breakfast Club. Result: 50 minutes waiting to be sat down. But it was worth it, believe me...

Julieta had a bannana, vanilla ice cream & peanut butter milkshake. I had a simple orange juice, nothing compared to her fabulous drink. I love the presentation of everything here: the milkshake came in a small aluminium glass with a very original and thick straw. It had a very special texture, never seen one like that before.

We shared a When Halloumi Met Salad wrap. It was very good, a bit too much Halloumi for my taste but the balsamic reduction made it very good & juicy. It also had sundried tomatoes and spinach.

And we finished off sharing these delicious pancakes with berries. I know, they look amazing, right? Well, they taste considerably better than they look! 

Yes, we liked them. Very much.

The place is very well decorated, paying attention to every detail and the food is perfect for a Sunday brunch. Their menu is extensive, so you'll always have something to eat. Only problem is if you don't eat pork, like Julieta & me, since most dishes have bacon.

Overall, I recommend it. You'll have a nice chat in a nice environment, ideal for some quality time with friends. I went to the one in Shoreditch but they have a few more around London. Check them out here.

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